Cardionephrology: A Widespread Discipline for 21th Century Medical Students and Young Nephrology Residents


  • Rodolfo F. Rivera Nephrology Division, San Gerardo Hospital, University of Milan-Biccoca, Monza, Italy
  • Fulvio Floccari Department of Nephrology and Dialysis, San Paolo Hospital, Civitavecchia, Italy
  • Germán Diaz Parodi Department of Medicine, Iturraspe Hospital, University of Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Luca Di Lullo Department of Nephrology and Dialysis, L. Parodi Delfino Hospital, Colleferro, Italy







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Author Biography

Rodolfo F. Rivera, Nephrology Division, San Gerardo Hospital, University of Milan-Biccoca, Monza, Italy

Rodolfo F. Rivera is a graduate physician currently doing the first year of internship in Medical Statistics at the Pavia University, Italy. He is also the organizer of the Training Program in Cardiovascular Disease of the Society of Nephrology for medical students and residents.


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