The Utility of Online Resources in Times of COVID-19: A Mexican Medical Student Point of View


  • Aldo Mijail Pacheco Carrillo Autonomous University of Yucatan



COVID-19, Online Courses, Online resources, Medical education, Medical student, web workshops, online platforms, quarantine


We live in an unprecedented time, the covid19 outbreak has paralyzed the world including medical students. They remain in quarantine in the hope that the pandemic will end. The Latin America countries are particularly affected by their lack of resources and the time when medical students return to the universities is lengthening. Meanwhile the use of online platforms to resume the classes and the variety of online courses to complement the learning seems promising and should be more widely disseminated.


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Author Biography

Aldo Mijail Pacheco Carrillo, Autonomous University of Yucatan

Medical Student


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Pacheco Carrillo, A. M. (2020). The Utility of Online Resources in Times of COVID-19: A Mexican Medical Student Point of View. International Journal of Medical Students, 8(1), 58–59.