Is Hepatorenal Syndrome a Diagnosis for the Emergency Physician


  • Andrew F. W. Ho Emergency Medicine Residency Program, SingHealth Services, Singapore.
  • Pin P. Pek Emergency Medicine, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore
  • Tiing L. Ang 3Gastroenterology, Changi General Hospital, Singapore







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Author Biography

Andrew F. W. Ho, Emergency Medicine Residency Program, SingHealth Services, Singapore.

 Dr Andrew Ho holds a MBBS from the National University of Sin¬gapore and is currently in his second year as an emergency medicine resi¬dent. He has published in journals such as Resusci¬tation, International Jour¬nal of Cardiology, etc. and has been accorded second prize for his oral presenta¬tion at the EMS Asia 2014 conference in Goa, India


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F. W. Ho, A., P. Pek, P., & L. Ang, T. (2015). Is Hepatorenal Syndrome a Diagnosis for the Emergency Physician. International Journal of Medical Students, 3(2), 120.



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