Abstract submissions

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Abstract Requirements

  • All submissions should be send using the IJMS website (www.ijms.info, Make a Submission"). As submission type select Abstract WCMSR.
  • Must use the Abstract template, including all the relevant information about the authors.
  • Upload as supplementary file a proof of the submission fee. Complete all the required data fields.
  • Submitted abstracts must not have been previously published or currently submitted for consideration in any other scientific journal.
    • If it is not the case, but you believe the abstract could still be considered for the IJMS World Conference of Medical Student Research, you must provide a comprehensive description of the situation and an explanation by sending an email to the IJMS Conference Team at conference@ijms.info.
  • The IJMS Conference Team will accept only original research, which includes:
    • Observational studies
      • Descriptive, such as case reports, case series, etc.
      • Analytical
    • Meta-analysis
    • Experimental and quasi-experimental studies (trials, educational interventions, etc.)
  • Each abstract for original research should be structured to include: Background, Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusion. For case reports use: Background, Case, Conclusion. The STROBE checklist for conference abstracts, CARE, CONSORT, and PRISMA guidelines may be of guidance in agreement with the type of study that you are submitting.
  • Submitted abstracts must meet the following requirements:
    • A maximum of 500 words.
    • A minimum of three keywords and a maximum of five must be indicated. Source: MeSH-NLM.
  • In the case of inconsistencies in the Submission Form, the IJMS Conference Team will contact the corresponding author via email to take the necessary corrective measures.
  • The IJMS Conference Team does not assume the responsibility to correct any grammar, semantic, and/or graphic error. For this reason, authors are responsible for the presence of errors in abstracts, extended texts, final presentations, and conference proceedings.
  • IJMS and IJMS Conference Team do not accept any form of plagiarism. Before submitting your work, be aware that plagiarism is a major cause of abstract decline.
  • IJMS Conference Team required a $10 USD submission fee for each abstract. You can pay your fee here: IJMS PayPal. Keep record of your transaction number, as it must be uploaded as a supplementary file at the time of submission.

Authors Requirements

  • All authors must follow the criteria for authorship described by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).
  • Each author must create and link their Open Researcher and Collaborator Identifier (ORCID) with their metadata in the Submission Form.
  • At least one of the authors must be a current medical student at any medical university in the world or a physician within the first three years from their graduation.
  • Members of the IJMS Conference Team or IJMS Executive Committee are advised not to participate as authors in the Conference. However, they are not banned from participation and special precautions will be placed when assigning evaluators to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • The maximum number of authors for each abstract is six. If your work has involved more than six researchers, please contact the IJMS Conference Team specifying the roles assumed by each author during the research. Exceptions will be made only if there is clear evidence of involvement of each author.
  • Researchers must nominate a corresponding author, who will be in charge of communicating with the IJMS Conference Team throughout the process. Their email address must be written in the Submission Form, and the corresponding author must be active in responding to any time-sensitive communication.
    • To note, the corresponding author can be different from the researcher who will present the abstract (if selected) during the Conference.
    • Modification of the corresponding author’s contact information or a change of the corresponding author must be limited at minimum and, if this cannot be avoided, the new contact information must be written to the IJMS Conference Team as soon as possible.
  • One of the authors must be willing to present the abstract during the first IJMS World Conference of Medical Student Research on October 7th, 2023. The presenting author can be different from the corresponding author. According to its main focus, the IJMS Conference Team strongly suggests having a student/early-career scientist present, but this is not a strict requirement. However, projects not presented by a student/early-career scientist will not be considered for awards.

Submission Process

Before proceeding to submit your abstract, please be sure to:

Submission period:

  • Opens: July 1st, 2023
  • Closes: September 30th, 2023

Submission Steps to be Completed by the Corresponding Author

  • All submissions will be handled using the IJMS website. As submission type select Abstract WCMSR. complete all the required data fields.
  • Upload two files when submitting: (1) Abstract submission template and (2) the proof of payment for the submission fee.
  • A member of the IJMS Conference Team will contact you within five working days with one of the following communications:
    • Confirmation of completed submission: All required material has been correctly submitted. In the email you will receive the link to a website where to find information about the status of your submission.
    • Request for continuation of submission: Some of the submitted data/documents are not correct and/or are lacking important information. The staff will specify in the email what is required to complete the submission. Please make sure to check your email in the days following the submission, since this will accelerate your abstract revision.

After having finalized your submission, you can always reach the IJMS Conference Team by writing to conference@ijms.info, in doing so always specify the number of your submission.

Submission fee

  • The submission fee for the IJMS Conference is $10 USD. You can pay your fee by clicking on this PayPal link. Keep record of your transaction number/screenshot and upload it as a supplementary file during your submission.

Important information:

Email address: conference@ijms.info

Submitting site: https://ijms.info/IJMS/submission/wizard