Five days left to our first MedEd Research Webinar - Meet the speaker! ;)

logo-name-horizont.jpg Five days lefts to the First IJMS Medical Education in Research Webinar (#IJMSMedEdResearch) Introduction to Research and Publication

We are glad to announce the commencement of the IJMS Medical Education Research Webinars which are scheduled to be held every month. Through the platform of the journal, we strive to promote the environment of learning and scientific development. MedEd Research Webinars serve to develop the culture of virtual mentorship for medical students unable to attend such programs in their home countries. In this session, we aim to provide an overview of how to carry out research during medical school and how to get it published. 

Meet the Speaker

Dr. Abdelrahman I. Abushouk, MD, FESC, is an ECFMG-certified physician who serves as a current research fellow at the Cleveland Clinic's Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute. Before, he worked as a research fellow at the Perfuse Study Group, based at BIDMC and Harvard Medical School. He is also a fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (Scientific Excellence Track) and a collegiate of the "Sigma Xi ΣΞ} Research Honor Society". He is a member of the Global Burden of Disease study and serves on the editorial board of "Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine" and "BMC Cardiovascular Disorders" journals. His published research was cited in >30 National/International guidelines, drug updates, and state policies and was covered in major media outlets, including Reuters, Scientific American, among others.

We look forward to seeing you on August 14, 2022. 7 PM EST. IJMS Youtube Channel.

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